Path length: Counties: Meade F-scale: F1 County: Orange The edge of the tornado missed downtown Russell Springs by only half a mile. This tornado was part of the "Enigma Outbreak", when sixty tornadoes swept through the southeast United States. Twisters brought devastating results. Path width: EF-Scale:EF1 Science and Technology Deaths: Time: 1:15pm Notes: Storm Data says this tornado formed near Fox Creek, moving south of Lawrenceburgalong KY 513 near the intersection of the Blue Grass Parkway and US 127Gilbert's Creek Roadand Lillards Ferry Road in Woodford County. Injuries: 0 Noted discrepancies: SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Storm Data 300 yards. Path width: 60 yards Farther east on Webster Road another residence sustained significant roof, gutter, and siding damage. Time: 9:00pm SPC and NCDC give a time of 3:00pm, Grazulis and Storm Data give 4:00pm. F-scale: F3 A cinder block storage building was toppled. Time: 7:00am Deaths: F-scale: F1 The next touchdown happened in Saint Matthews near the intersection of Shelbyville Road and Interstate 264, where extensive damage was suffered by many businesses and private properties. Counties: Clinton Injuries: EF-Scale:EF1 The Old Brandenburg Telephone Company Office had roof damage. Injuries: 0 Notes: Storm Data has this tornado touch down at Finchville and end near Bagdad. spread about the "night phantom that appeared Noted discrepancies: Grazulis times this at 6:35am. April 24, 2010 Deaths: 0 Deaths: Thirteen people were injured and 35 homes were destroyed as the funnel moved to the northeast across Breckinridge County and into Meade County. Notes: The tornado first touched down about 0.8 miles southwest of Stanford. Deaths: 2 September 26, 1976 Grazulis narrative: A tornado was sighted at Fort Knox, northeast of Radcliff. Notes:This touchdown occurred approximately 5 miles west of Salem on SW Washington School Rd. The tornado crossed farmland and then struck another barn near the intersection with US 31W. Deaths: 0 Notes: An outbuilding was destroyed and the top half of a silo was knocked off. Deaths: 0 Path width: 75 yards Counties: Jefferson KY Moore has been hit by 23 tornadoes since the late 1800s, according to the National Weather Service. Path width: 100 yards A workshop containing tools and heavy equipment was destroyed. Damage totaled $1,500,000 as 500 homes were destroyed, along with two schools and many other buildings. Thunderstorms are expected to hit the . The tornado completely lifted at Jackie Crow salvage yard with debris thrown on the top of the hill about 250 yards from the salvage yard. Deaths: 0 The first written accounts of tornadoes in the Great Plains were from settlements near and along the Missouri River in Kansas during the mid-1800s. As the tornado turned to the northeast, so did the RFD, and a two-and-a-half story house lost its roof in Germantown (which the 1875 newspaper described as a "remote suburb") at Mary and Logan Streets. Christ Church on Churchill Downs had some roof and siding damage. The tornado covered the witness's house in fallen trees. Counties: Ohio Notes: Storm Data takes this tornado from one mile west of Dugansville to 9/10 of a mile west of Dugansville. Counties: Scott KY F-scale: F3 Injuries: 0 April 5, 2017 Damage to houses and other buildings was mainly to roofs and windows of the upper floors. F-scale: F2 Deaths: Injuries: 0 Injuries: 0 The tornado then crossed US 27, destroying several barns, uprooting and snapping trees, and damaging several homes. Time: 9:00pm Counties: Harrison IN Path width: Deaths: Narrative: A complex series of tornadoes and downbursts produced over $350,000 damage in a nine-county area of central Kentucky. Miller farm. Path length: Time: 8:30pm Noted discrepancies: None Counties: Clark IN Path width: 40 yards SPC gives a path width of 10 yards and a path length of 1/10 of a mileNCDC gives nothing for either. The twisting nature of the winds was clearly revealed when the bodies of the Tyree family were found 75 yards south of their home site, and the bodies of the Redeford family were discovered 100 yards north of the spot where their home had stood. Injuries: 0 One person was killed in Simpson County at Temperance as seven homes and 40 barns were destroyed. This agrees with what Grazulis has. Path width: After driving a 4x6 through the roof of a home near Hunter Road, the tornado continued east to Prowsville Ridge Road where winds were up to 95 mph. Path length: All of the damage was consistent with EF-0 wind speeds between 70 and 80 mph. The most significant damage occurred near the intersection of McKendree Church Road and Highway 100 where a well constructed brick house completely lost its roof. March 12, 1975 NCDC gives no endpoint lat/lon. F-scale: F2 Notes: Storm Data says this tornado moved from Allensville (which is actually in Todd County, but is very close to the Logan County line) to Corinth. Deaths: 0 It then tore the porch off the east side of a home on the south side of US 68/80, depositing debris into nearby woods. The tornado touched down about 200 yards west of the Dollar General store, which suffered some minor roof damage. The damaged residences of O. C. Landrum and Oscar Sims marked the edges of the devastation. Path length: 3.1 miles Deaths: EF-scale: EF0 Sheet metal and shingles were lifted into trees along the route of the storm. In all, more than 175 storms - including wind and hail - were recorded, with the bulk of them being in Kansas, Oklahoma . Path width: 300 yards Noted discrepancies: None The tornado moved along Muddy Fork and snapped or uprooted numerous trees. Path length: 3 miles F-scale: F1 Injuries: 4 Time: 5:10pm Injuries: 0 Injuries: Deaths: Path length: 2.6 miles A large tree fell on a house and power lines, and that same house had its garage destroyed. The family's pick-up truck was thrown 40 yards to the north. June 2, 1875 F-scale: F2 Time: 7:10pm June 25, 2018 About forty other homes had minor damage. Path length: Path length: 2 miles Deaths: Time: 3:38pm - 3:41pm EST April 5, 2009 Even settlers in the 1600s described them in Massachusetts. On the whole, the evidence seems to show something like an uprush, though it seems conclusive that this is not due to a vacuum in the tornado, as many think. Both of the F5 tornadoes were recorded on the same day: April 3, 1974. Counties: Mercer February 25, 2018 Noted discrepancies: SPC and NCDC list this as an F2, Grazulis does not list it. May 25, 2011 Narrative: This tornado moved east-northeast from one mile northwest of Fern Creek, traveling parallel to the previously mentioned tornado. Path width: The greatest damage occurred in thistwo block area, where up to a dozenoutbuildings were destroyed or heavilydamaged, and sections of roofing werelifted off homes and garages. Time: 8:09pm Injuries: 0 A trailer was demolished, and farm buildings were destroyed. Time: 3:10pm Path length: 8.2 miles Path length: Path length: 0.8 miles October 18, 2007 March 20, 1882 Path length: 2 miles As many as eight people died in one home. Path width: Notes: Storm Data mentions damage at Pellsville and Roseville. Grazulis narrative: A tornado moved northeast from five miles west of Bowling Green. EF-Scale:EF0 Injuries: Trees were snapped in Schochoh as the tornado lifted. Thetornado continued skipping along thenorthwest side of Sandy Hill Rd, damagingoutbuildings on another farm, beforecrossing KY highway 261 at Guston Rd. Grazulis Narrative: Counties: Dubois Path length: The tornado was rated EF3 here with 150 mph winds and a damage width of one-third mile. Injuries: 4 Counties: Barren Injuries: Injuries: Counties: Logan (from Todd) June 23, 1992 Path width: Path width: 300 yards Path width:200 yards Path length: 2miles These tornadoes, of which there are about one hundred, will need to be the subjects of further research, most likely by combing through local newspapers. A warehouse containing five hundred barrels of whiskey was destroyed. October 26, 2010 Counties: Breckinridge Cedar trees were snapped. May 27, 2004 Path length: F-scale: F2 Path length: Storm Data seems to then continue the tornado into Hardin County to Colesburg (or could that be part of the tornado listed at 3:45pm from Hardin to Spencer counties?). Path width: Climate Graphs Injuries: 0 F-scale: F1 Path length: 0.3miles Deaths: 0 F-scale: F2 Wednesday's tornado hit . F-scale: F3 6. Path length: 12 miles April 21, 1972 Notes: Near Patterson Lane and McAfee Lane between McAfee and Ebenezer a well-built barn had two walls blown out and its roof blown one-half mile downstream. Cannot plot this tornado without further research. Injuries: 0 They found Glinda up in trees about 100 yards in front of her trailer. Up to a mile wide, this very intense tornado swept away entire farms as it passed one mile north of Laconia and two miles south of Elizabeth. April 9, 1991 County: Bullitt Many trees were uprooted and a few were snapped. numerous eyewitness accounts, documented F-scale: F1 The tornado continued northeast across the land that would become Central Park, and into Eagle Park between Ormsby and Park Avenues and Third and Fifth Streets. Path length: Structural damage occurred along IN-162 where over 50 feet of a 600 foot long commercial outbuilding was destroyed. County: Butler Injuries: 0 Noted discrepancies: Grazulis ends this tornado just inside the Franklin County line, but SPC and NCDC take it all the way to Frankfort. Injuries: Injuries: 200 The attached home sustained considerable siding and roof damage. It is our hope that future research will unravel these mysterious tornadoes and thus allow them to be plotted on the maps on these pages. Path length: This tornado caused primarily tree damage, and also tore the roof off of a large barn. Deaths: 2 Time: F-scale: F2 Counties: Anderson, Woodford Across the street at 7768 IN 337 there was significant cedar tree damage along with a 30 by 40 foot barn that was destroyed. Most of the wind damage was between 85 and 95 mph. Dixie tornado outbreak April 24, 1908. The Great Galveston Storm of 1900. In Glasgow one person was killed in his mobile home and another was killed by flying debris. Injuries: 0 Deaths: The pilots. This survey was conducted by personnel from both the NWS and emergency management from Franklin and Scott Counties. This tornado immediately killed a woman as it destroyed her mobile home. Thirty homes were destroyed, with F4 damage and deaths in southwest Madison County, mostly near Richmond. It snapped several pine trees before dissipating. Deaths: 0 Path width: Counties: Jefferson KY Notes:The tornado touched down near the intersection of I-264 and Brownsboro Road. EF-scale: EF1 A large 2 x 8 went flying and got wedged between the windshield wiper and the windshield of a vehicle but incredibly did not crack the windshield. Deaths: 0 May 3, 2021 Path length: 3 miles Path length: The tornado ended approximately 400 yards from Highway 1544 near theintersection of 1164. The tornado touched down about a half mile west of 1598 Carter Brothers Road. Path length: 0.2 miles Deaths: 0 Notes: This tornado touched down near Flippin and inflicted EF-1 damage on trees between Flippin and Mud Lick. The worst of the storm hit a section variously called, among different sources, "the Patio," "Patio Pike," and "Patio Station," which is believed to be in the vicinity of the intersection of modern-day Patio Street and Hamilton Street along the railroad tracks. On Lemons Mill Pike the John Drake Farm and the home of Dr. S. S. Amerson were hit. Notes: Storm Data puts this tornado at Campbellsburg. A trampoline was thrown approximately a mile from the house along with lots of playground toys being thrown several hundred yards. Grazulis takes it to just northeast of Bedford, which generally agree with a track map of the outbreak drawn up by NSSFC. 1 world thing: The deadliest tornado in the world hit Bangladesh on April 26, 1989 and killed an estimated 1,300 people and injured another 12,000 people. Deaths: F-scale: F2 Injuries: 18 A 2 x 8 impaled a concrete grain silo. SPC gives a path width of 10 yards, NCDC 30 yards, Grazulis 800 yards. Path length: Injuries: 0 Injuries: 10 Here comes a father borne along by his friends, who take him from his bed of death; next the mother, then the daughter and two sons -- all crushed -- mutilated -- dead!" I would prefer pre civil war era though, Your email address will not be published. The tornado then proceeded into Rockcastle County, doing additional damage at Wildie. Injuries: Most of the path was through dense forest. The earliest written mention of tornadoes in North America came from explorers in the 1500s. Counties: Crawford, Harrison IN Several trees were snapped or uprooted and a roof was damaged near Rutherford Hollow Road. One, on the left side of the path, was shifted south, and the other, to the right of the path, was shifted north. Minimal F2. The tornado appears to have travelled in an east-southeasterly direction. Grazulis narrative: In the Pleasureville-Defoe area a tornado destroyed three barns and a silo. Time: 3:25pm Metal roof panels from the buildings, along with insulation from a small home, werewrapped around trees as far as half a mile from their origin, with other small debris observed as far as 0.75 miles from the initial touchdown location. A history of twisters: Tornadoes in Mississippi since 1950. Path length: Counties: Orange Time: 5:00pm May 31, 2001 Deaths: 0 In this area, a well-constructed one-story brick house at the top of a small ridge was completely destroyed with no walls standing. Path width: 400 yards Crossing into Kentucky, the tornado struck Mt. In these cases, a southwest-to-northeast movement of the tornado was assumed, since that is the most common direction of travel for tornadoes. Eagle Park was demolished, and the baseball diamond's bleachers were destroyed. arkansas highway police, police helicopter leicester now,

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