The Billy the Kid Museum opened in Hico nearly 40 years after Robertss death, and the city actively celebrates the connection. There are plenty of conspiracy theories about Garrett's assassination. He was armed with a knife and a gun. Soon after, the family moved farther west where Henry McCarty started getting into trouble. Billy the Kid was born Henry McCarty to Irish immigrants in New York City around 1859. Once again, Billy the Kid was now on the run., Jerrie Mock: Record-Breaking American Female Pilot. The following day, the Kid was buried in the Fort Sumner cemetery. Perhaps he killed an innocent man as the fugitive escaped and fled to Mexico? Nobody is sure of the exact date he was born but it seems to have been sometime in September 1859 because theres a baptism record for him from the end of that month. But before that could happen, Billy snuck out of jail yet again and stole another horse which he rode hard for New Mexico Territory where he was still wanted for robbery. After seeing a TV program in 2015 about the discovery of a photo of the outlaw playing croquet, Abrams was inspired to research him further. As for Billy the Kid, hes long since passed become an icon of American history, even a folk hero of sorts. He is thought to have been 17 when he killed his first man in 1877 - although some historians say he could have been as young as 15 as the true year of his birth is not known. But his parents did not long survive the Civil War that devastated the South, leaving the children heavily in debt. Garrett had recently caught the Kid, who was sentenced to hanging for killing another Sheriff, but Billy managed to escape. It was a good racket, but he couldnt stay out of trouble long enough to enjoy it. A suspicion lingered that Brazel or someone else conspired to execute Garrett, a lawman with many enemies. *Source: Texas State Historical Association. The governor agreed and suggested that, for appearances sake, he should arrest Billy and lock him up in jail before taking his statement about the other murder. I walked to the head of the bed and sat down on it, beside him, near the pillow. Garrett was away from Lincoln on county business when the Kid made his escape. In 1948, a paralegal named William V. Morrison was investigating a man named Joe Hines, a survivor of the Lincoln County War, the feud that helped make Billy the Kids name. But this nice, steady job for Billy the Kid grew more turbulent thanks to a dispute between Tunstall and his rivals. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. A stranger named Joe Grant came into the saloon and sidled up to near the spot where Billy was drinking. On July 12, 1898, Garrett and his men encountered Oliver M. Lee and James Gililland at Wildy Well near Orogrande, Texas. Richardson appointed Charles Daniels to the state Supreme Court, whom McGinn is married to. 'I told him "The biggest thing you could do right now is get the picture out and let people look at it and give you feedback",' Stahl said. Before resigning in disgrace, federal judge William Story preceded the more celebrated hanging judge Isaac Parker in Arkansas Western District. But they were only able to arrest John Webb, an accused murderer, along with horse thief George Davis. Roberts died a month later, and neither Billy the Kid nor Brushy Bill Roberts ever received a pardon. Whether they produced battlefield images of the dead or daguerreotype portraits of common soldiers, []. Billy the Kid, that heasked Sheriff Kimball to appoint him deputy sheriff until his term officiallybegan in January of 1881. Billy lights out for old Fort Sumner on the Pecos River, some 150 miles northeast of Lincoln. Did Blues King Robert Johnson Sell His Soul To The Devil To Become The World's Greatest Musician? 'Right now, that is not the first thing on my mind. In July, Garrett caught wind that Billy might be staying with a friend in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. The violence kicked off February 1878 with the murder of John Tunstall by the members of the Jesse Evans Gang, led by the then-sheriff of Lincoln County, William Brady. But it wasnt to be. These qualities contributed to his image as both a notorious outlaw and a folk hero. Its the last day of Richardsons term. Garrett delivered Webb and Davis to the sheriff of San Miguel County and rode on to Puerto de Luna. Adamson agreed to meet with Garrett and Brazel to iron out an agreement. After making sure his siblings had homes with relatives, Pat headed west in 1869 and found work as a cowboy in Dallas for about six years. The Kid remained and Garrett was true to his word and arrested his former friend. Garrett learned that The Kid had been in and out of Sumner, New Mexico, and was staying there with Pete Maxwell. How exactly the tension mounted between Billy and Grant remains unclear (some say Billy pegged Grant for a bounty hunter come to kill him; some say Grant was a loudmouth drunk looking for a fight). In the darkness, he could not see Garrett well and repeatedly asked: Who is it? Garrett replied with two gunshots, killing Bonney. Garrett was able to get inside the house on July 14 and when Billy entered, Garrett shot him dead. The Kid was known to be friendly and personable and a smart dresser, often wearing a Mexican sombrero. Garrett succeeded in capturing Billy the Kid and a few other outlaws at Stinking Springs on December 23, 1880. So, why is the notorious Billy the Kid up for this pardon, you ask? Before I made the discoveries I made in my book, I did not have an opinion on Brushy Bill, says Edwards. Historians say that this photo shows outlaw Billy the Kid, circled second from left, and Pat Garrett, circled far right, taken in 1880. About two months later with no amnesty forthcoming, Billy realized hed been had and they were going to hang him instead. A Los Angeles forensic video expert said facial recognition software indicates that it is most likely Garrett and Billy the Kid in the picture, according to a signed declaration. I've always been somebody who's interested in history and background.'. In 1931, locals raised money to give him a proper headstone. Webliverpool v nottingham forest 1989 team line ups; best crews to join in gta 5. jay chaudhry house; bimbo bakeries buying back routes; pauline taylor seeley cause of death A Strong-willed Texan Scout Joined the Confederacy at 15. Somehow, he managed to reach a friends house, where he was allowed to rest and recover from his ordeal in the desert. No purchase necessary. Captured and brought in to Las Vegas, New Mexico, he was described as "in a joyous mood" He called out to an acquaintance, "Thought I jes drop in and see how you fellers in Vegas air behavin' yerselves." before being shot dead. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the worlds hidden wonders. Garrett was fatally shot on the road from the ranch to Las Cruces, N.M. Other sources state that without parental guidance, the Kid simply got a bad start in life. When you listen to his real story, he talks about how he wasnt an outlaw, how he never robbed banks or stagecoaches, how he resented the fact that Governor Lew Wallace reneged on his promise of a pardon in 1879 and left him to die, Edwards says. Using the name Billy Antrim and nicknamed the kid for his youth and boyish appearance, McCarty soon came to be known as Billy the Kid and found work as a cowboy and ranch hand in Arizona. Believing the photo to include Billy the Kid (which would make it just the second known photo of him), Guijarro eventually found an authentication firm that verified his claim with facial recognition analysis and valued it at $5 million. On the night ofJuly 14, 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett gunned down outlaw Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner. Another chance at a famous crime solving came after Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain and his eight-year-old son Henry vanished at White Sands, New Mexico, in 1896. Billy the Kids life and mystique have inspired countless novels, films, and songs. Circa 1879-1880. He and an accomplice named John Mackie began swiping horses from a nearby Army fort and then selling them. Like Atlas Obscura and get our latest and greatest stories in your Facebook feed. But he came up with a plan to get himself off by providing Governor Lew Wallace with information about the murder of a prominent lawyer that hed witnessed recently. At some point, due to the debate, there had been a movement to have the supposed bodies of the Kid and his mother exhumed for DNA testing. Along with deputies Thomas McKinney and John Poe, Garrett reached the Fort on the night of July 14, 1881. The Kid was catapulted into legend due to the $500 bounty - then a staggering amount - on his head. There were various men in the American Southwest who went by the moniker "Billy the Kid." New Mexico governor, Bill Richardson, has mere hours left to decide whether or not to pardon Billy the Kid in the killing of a sheriff. Since that time, debates have raged over Robertss claims, and whether he was truly one of the Wests most notorious gunmen or just an old man looking for attention. On ABCs, Good Morning America Friday, Richardson explained that the evidence of the case simply did not warrant a pardon. Financially, Garrett was a failure. Once again, Billy the Kid ended up in custody. Its all just part of the areas mythology. President Roosevelt supported Garrett as complaints piled up and went so far as to invite him to a reunion for the Rough Riders in San Antonio in April of 1905. Those who oppose the pardon argue that there is no proof that Governor Wallace ever offered one; he may have simply tricked Kid in to offering up information. Antrim tolerated this briefly but the two eventually had a falling out and McCarty left for good, making sure to steal a gun and some clothes on his way out. Born in Alabama and reared in Louisiana, Garrett left home at about the age of 17 and headed for Texas and the life of a cowboy and buffalo hunter. McGinn also says that Wallace assured Kid that he had the authority to exempt him from prosecution should he cooperate and share his knowledge, but that Wallace never held up his end of the deal. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, American Heritage - Billy the Kid: From Outlaw to Legend, PBS - American Experience - The Life and Legend of Billy the Kid, Billy the Kid - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Nine years older than Billy, he'd been a buffalo hunter, hired gun, and cowboy before he ran for sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico, on a law-and-order platform. A judge apparently ruled against the efforts, but that hasnt stopped present Governor Richardsons interest in the case. Whether his story actually ended in 1881, however, is another matter. During the Kids time as an outlaw, Pat Garrett was elected Sheriff and sent after him. But then they took him to the jail house Where they try to turn a man into a mouse. Garrett and his lawman tracked down McCarty to modern day Taiban, New Mexico, where the group surrendered in December 1880. Garrett went on to be a rancher, customs collector, sheriff of another county, and terrible gambler. The intruder came close to me, leaned both hands on the bed, his right hand almost touching my knee, and asked, in a low tone:Who are they Pete?at the same instant Maxwell whispered to me. Following Billy the Kids death, the media turned him into a folk hero and made Garrett out to be the bad guy. An experienced outlaw (even at a tender age) would surely have recognized two deputies standing on the porch. Lee and Gililland stayed on the run for another eight months and finally surrendered. Omissions? An eye-opening journey through the history, culture, and places of the culinary world. The men inside were pretty tough and the battle started to turn against the lawmen, but then reinforcements arrived from a nearby army base. At the same time he served as a deputy U.S. marshal. Brazel used the land to raise goats, which was unacceptable to the Garrets. Billy the Kid was free for just three months before his final encounter with Pat Garrett. One of two confirmed photographs of Billy the Kid (left), playing croquet in New Mexico, 1878. Some believe that the Kid lived on as Brushy Bill Roberts, but others believe that the Kid was in fact buried the next day in the Fort Sumner cemetery. Did Pat Garrett kill Billy the Kid as per the official tale? Garrett and his men had received information that the outlaws were coming and set up an ambush. But while under guard by two sheriff's deputies at a home, McCarty killed both men and then fled out of town on horseback. The two men were fined for disturbing the peace. In 2010, many petitioned the New Mexico governors office to grant Billy the pardon they say Lew Wallace had promised him 130 years before, but it never came to pass. During the ensuing confrontation, the sheriff and his posse, loyal to Tunstalls rivals, shot Tunstall off his horse and then picked up his own gun and used it to kill him with a shot to the back of the head. Garrett was well aware that Billy was a cockeyed optimist when it came to hopes for escape. The picture is the only known photo of the Regulators gang all together. According to popular legend, Garrett and McCarty were friends before he became an outlaw, but there is no historical evidence to support the theory. But Garrett resigned before long and returned to his ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. We had ridden to within a short distance of Maxwells grounds when we found a man in camp and stopped. Carl Adamson never appeared at the trial as a witness, and Brazel was acquitted. Morrison approached Roberts who, perhaps sensing the end of his life was near (if he had been Billy, hed have been 90 at the time), made a confession. He headed west with his family as a youth and had his first brush with the law in 1875 when he was arrested for stealing clothes from a Chinese laundry in Silver City, New Mexico. Noticing it only had three rounds loaded, he subtly rotated the drum to an empty cylinder and handed it back. McCarty was then brought to Las Vegas where he stood trial for Brady's murder and on April 13, was sentenced to die. After the escape, Garrett set out to remove Billy from the landscape, one way or another. With his mother gone, teenage Henry McCarty was basically on his own. Little is known about Billy the Kids early days, but In 1881, he was apprehended by Sheriff Pat Garrett and sentenced to death by hanging for murder. He was sentenced to hang and was then transferred to the courthouse and jail in Lincoln, but on April 28, 1881, he killed deputies James Bell and Robert Olinger and escaped. Garrett invited Tom Powers to go along and introduced Powers to the President as a prominent Texas cattleman; they sat for photographs with Roosevelt. Garrett wouldn't find McCarty until two years later, a month after he was appointed sheriff. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders. Some of those in favor of Kids pardon have filed a petition, including defense attorney Randi McGinn who has offered to handle the case for free. A year after pulling the trigger, Pat Garrett wrote and published an account of what happened that night, and you can find that account here. Garrett tried to break the lease when he learned his creditor, W.W. Bill Cox, was financing Brazel. Does Billy the Kid Deserve the Pardon He was Promised? It was near midnight and Pete was in bed. The report said: We, the jury, find that Billy the Kid (met) his death by a bullet which was fired from a gun in the hands of Pat F. Garrett . Garrett apparently lost the verdict by the next morning. However, there is no other evidence of this; we are relying on Anayas word alone for the entire existence of the jury and its verdict. 'I don't travel with it.'. Some argue his book about Billy Bonney is the only reason why The Kid is remembered today. There are also suggestions that Billy and Garrett were friends and planned the whole incident so the fugitive could escape. The abandoned U.S. Army post on the Goodnight-Loving cattle trail is now the home of rancher Peter Maxwell. Billy the Kid was also still stealing. WebOn the night of July 14, 1881, Sheriff Pat Garrett gunned down outlaw Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner. He raised quickly his pistol, a self-cocker, within a foot of my breast. He then bought a horse ranch, leased it, and became involved in a heated dispute over the lease. The man, local blacksmith Frank Cahill, called Billy a pimp. Even by frontier standards, he was young. We unsaddled here, got some coffee, and, on foot, entered an orchard which runs from this point down to a row of old buildings, some of them occupied by Mexicans, not more than sixty yards from Maxwells house. Who is it?' Soldier in range wars, cattle rustler, horse thief, but also universally described as charming, funny, a good singer and good dancer, at least bilingual, and an avid reader. We'll see what happens,' Abrams said. I might not pardon him. Corrections? According to Robert M. Utley's definitive Billy the Kid, by the time his life ended on July 14, 1881, at age 21, McCarty/Antrim/Bonney had killed four men for certain, one perhaps, and participated in killing perhaps five more. Garrett was so impatient to capture the outlawWilliam Bonney, a.k.a., HistoryNet - Pat Garrett Was the Last Great Frontier Lawman, Texas State Historical Association - The Handbook of Texas Online - Biography of Pat Garrett, Robert Garrett - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Exactly how Billy the Kid was shot to death on July 14, 1881 has been the subject of widespread speculation. The first is that Garrett sat down down to speak with the homeowner when McCarty unexpectedly came in with his gun drawn, asking 'Who is it? Born on New York Citys East Side, Billy as a child migrated with his parents to Kansas; his father died there, and the mother and her two boys moved to Colorado, where she remarried. However, Abrams isn't interested in finding out anytime soon. Garrett fired twice, hitting Billy once, and killing him. WebIn the scene where Garrett gets a hot shave, he then leaves clean shaven, as Bob Dylan follows him out. Billy then managed to cut through his leg irons and steal a horse to make his escape. He managed to locate his stepfathers place in New Mexico, where he holed up for a few weeks. Once inside, he asked Maxwell: Who are these fellows outside Pete? Maxwell said: Thats him! to Garrett, who opened fire almost as soon as Billy said: who are you? in Spanish. Now these are strange things for someone that is a fraud to focus on. Soon afterwards he was captured and shot by Lincoln County sheriff, Patrick Floyd Garrett in a sting operation. McCarty, was a member of the Regulators gang. The family moved to New Mexico, and, in his early teens, Billy fell into a career of thievery and lawlessness, wandering throughout the Southwest and northern Mexico, often with gangs. Brushy Bill was very well known around these parts, says Jane Klein, historian at the Billy the Kid Museum. Although the book was not successful when it was released, an original edition became quite valuable over the years. Billy supposedly aimed his gun at Poe while backing into the nearest door, which happened to be Maxwells bedroom. He was plagued by debt in his later years, and while his ranch holdings weren't anywhere near profitable, their locations were desirable for water rights and staging grounds for, shall we say, nefarious activities.

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